MSTF Portfolio Project

All Fellows will engage in a portfolio project that is to capture a classroom learning experience that represents learning experiences from the MSTF.  The portfolio must have the following Elements:

  • Detailed description of the lesson and lesson storyline that shows the lessons’ connection to the overall unit as well as how students are making sense of phenomenon or solving problems
  • Evaluation of lesson(s) using Equip Lesson Screener
  • Analysis of student work
    • Analysis of lesson student work samples: Fellow uses protocol to analyze student work with colleagues (may be district/building peers or other Fellows).  
    • Develop student learning story:
      • Fellows need to be close observers of student learning and also need to consider insights about student learning that are not grounded solely in quantitative measures like tests.  Fellows will take their learning goal(s) for a particular segment of instruction which they learned and taught and construct a learning story which would contain information not only about their instruction (part of the context) but about the student that could serve as compelling evidence for student learning. This might be explanations which students make to their teacher or to their peer(s), a thoughtful question which reveals an understanding of an underlying scientific principle or practice…  These stories may have several elements that, when combined, “hit the target”. Fellows will do this for a small subset of diverse students in the class, though you may create a learning story with the larger group.
  • Video with sound recording of whole class facilitated discussion
    • Reflection log
  • Classroom video of portfolio lesson
    • Reflection log
  • Written component of lesson
    • describing what happened in your lesson
    • analyzing the “how,” “why,” or “in what way” your lesson was or was not successful in reaching expected student outcomes
    • reflecting on how you would handle this same situation in the future
    • explicit connections to the MSTF standards that apply to this lesson

Portfolio Evaluation

The portfolio will be guided by a rubric (under construction).  The portfolio evaluation will be completed by 3 independent reviewers who have been trained and will use a protocol to evaluate.

Fellows portfolio must show proficiency in each category of the rubric.

*Fellows portfolios that do not meet proficiency in each category will not count toward earning a Wayne County Master Science Teacher Certification. 

**Fellows will have an opportunity to resubmit portfolio within one year, at the expense of paying for evaluators time through Wayne County RESA.