Apply for Fellowship
Apply for Fellowship

Accepting 15 applicants for our inaugural cohort!!

Eligibility Requirements

  • Current and certified secondary science teacher or elementary teacher within Wayne County
  • 60% or more of classes must be in science courses if you are a secondary teacher.  If elementary, science must be a core discipline in your weekly schedule
  • Be within first 5 years of classroom teaching experience (you may apply in your 5th year)
    • We are accepting teachers with more teaching experience for this first cohort.

Application Process:

  1. Complete online application form, which includes: Personal information, teaching experience and professional learning experience questions.
  2. Complete a personal statement. You will receive the personal statement question upon review of your application. This statement will be in an essay format no longer than 600 words in duration.
  3. Two letters of recommendation (digital form sent directly to references listed on application form)
    • One of the following: Current Principal, Building Administrator, Instructional Coach, Curriculum Director
    • Science Teaching Peer
  4. Complete commitment form: Candidates must commit to:
    • participating in the full 3 year program
    • teaching in Wayne County for duration of Fellowship
    • sharing their classroom teaching practices with video and audio recordings, interviews and reflection
    • sharing relevant student data
    • attending 80% of Fellowship meetings during their 3 years in program
    • hosting/co hosting at least 1 Fellowship meeting within their 3 years
    • working with Wayne County RESA Science Education Consultant who will serve as an advisor and mentor in the program
    • reporting on progress on the program annually
    • hosting and/or participating in a Studio Days session once in the program
    • telling the story of their Fellowship Experience