MSTF Micro-credential System Outline


MSTF coursework consists of knowledge and skills, both competency and proficiency based, that are geared specifically toward practices that are essential for science teaching.


A micro-credential captures and communicates that an individual has reached a level of applied proficiency in the standards by satisfactorily applying their learning based on a defined rubric.

MSTF Certification

To earn the MSTF certification, a Fellow must earn the 4 core MSTF micro-credentials that show proficiency in executing skill sets in a classroom environment. Fellows must then complete a portfolio of their experience and its impact on their classroom now and in the future.

Great teaching can be learned. The Ambitious Science Educator will anchor instruction with puzzling phenomenon, engage groups of students and the whole class in discourse to get students thinking deeply with each other publicly and wraps investigations in science practices to support students in the practice of sensemaking.

Assessment should be meaningful and actionable. Fellows will become assessment literate, develop a theory of classroom assessment, build their classroom assessment microsystem and use actionable data to grow students, resources and practice

Fellows will study the art and science of being a reflective practitioner. Using tools, protocols and routines, the Fellows will continually reflect on classroom practices that include pedagogy, assessment, and collaboration.

Leaders are those that empower others. Fellows will work to empower others in mentorship and discourse to make a difference in their classrooms, districts and communities.